My London Anniversary

Going up an escalator

Arriving in London on April Fools Day was not the most auspicious of starts. I arrived a little lost, after all I didn’t exactly make an active choice to move to London. I was running away from a career I didn’t fit into and the cracks that had started to appear in the life-plan I had thought was concrete.

London was not the magic tonic I hoped it was going to be. Fairly quickly I found a job and a place to live, but I was not in any way settled or enjoying life. I was continuing with the patterns and mindset that I had in New Zealand – and what the hell was the point in that?

Then my silly little blog was born. I started it on a sunny afternoon in 2012*, when I was sat in my bedroom because I couldn’t be bothered to go and and explore. The blog made me leave the house and get out there. And then I started being brave, making friends, thinking big and I started to call myself a blogger.

So here I sit today. I have an irrationally happy outlook, I am about to start working for a company I love and I am soon to be a writer for My Chic City.

Moving to London may have been the first big step, but all the little steps that I have taken since then make me the happy girl I am today.

*Yes London does occasionally have sunshine

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3 thoughts on “My London Anniversary

  1. Dear Rebecca,
    A pinch and a punch for the first of the month! Goodnes, it is hard to believe you have been gone one WHOLE year!!!
    We spent Easter w/e ensconced in the Coro bush with Cath and Chris and naturally you, your new British life and your wonderful blog were mentioned! I hope you won’t mind Cath having forwarded its link to me. Loved what I have read so far AND your jewellery line! 🙂
    Hope spring is starting to be felt there after a long cold winter. Take care and hope your London life gives you as many wonderful memories as it did me some… 30 years ago! I remember feeling like a French Bridget Jones but in the end it all worked out and much to my surprise I never got eaten by Alsatians! LOL
    Lots of love from your home town and an adoptive Kiwi!

  2. Happy Anniversary! When I moved I found the first 6 months superhard and was longing for my old NZ life so bad… but once you settle and start new ventures & friendships life starts to look a little more rosy. (your jewellery is fab too btw)

    And, being irrationally happy is definitely the best way to be!

    Vanessa x

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