A gallery where you can eat the art?

It takes quite a bit to surprise me in an art gallery, call it a by-product of spending London’s endless winter hiding in them. But Laure Prouvost’s new show (currently on at the Whitechapel gallery) did just that.

Walking in you see these odd shapes along the walls, no two the same. They look like they belong in an evil dentists surgery – dark shapes all holding out an upward facing mirror. And on each mirror is a handful of raspberries.

At first glance I thought they were either fake or real fruit that had been varnished. But on closer inspection the imperfections were just too perfect, they were real berries.

Because I was cold and hungry I was not at my most intelligent so when I approached the gallery attendant all I managed to say was “um…raspberries”. But she got the question, and said that the raspberries were replenished daily and I was more than welcome to try one.

I walked closer to the sculpture and reached out (as previously mentioned I was very hungry). But something stopped me. IT’S ART YOU CAN’T EAT IT YOU HEATHEN.

Damn that inner art critic, it stopped me getting one of my five a day.

Author: runawaykiwi