The websites you need to know about if you live in London – transport edition

It can be a bit overwhelming when you first get to London – you just don’t know where to look for things. I have found google to be my biggest asset, it can help with ANYTHING. But to save you some hours, here are some of the best transport related websites to use:

1. Transport for London: this is where you go for all your tube/Oyster card information. Top tip – the best way to find out what tubes are open at the weekends (there is always at least one line closed for maintenance)  is by clicking ‘This Weekend’ as shown below because it visually shows what is closed instead of a list:

TFL Button

2. National Rail: this is for trains (rather than tubes), but trains do operate within London and can often be far quicker i.e. the train to Wimbledon from Waterloo only takes 15min whereas the tube from Embankment takes about half an hour. Also, their app is fantastic if you are getting trains regularly (I love the ‘get me home’ feature!)

National Rail app

3. Bus Checker app (London Edition): this app has saved me on many an occasion. If you are standing at a bus stop it will tell you how long until the bus turns up, it can show you on a map where all the buses are going and the best feature is that it can vibrate to tell you to get off the bus.

Bus Checker app

4. If the looser cruiser isn’t your deal, there are always taxi’s. In London the only cabs that are allowed to pick you up on the street are the Black Cabs, any other companies must be pre-booked (or you can walk up to one of their shops and order from there). One of the biggest cab companies for pre-booking is Addison Lee, or you can go through a site like Kabbee to find the cheapest in your area.

Christmas in Piccadilly Circus

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