16-25 Railcard the only consistent way to save money on the tube

The tube is freaking expensive. Like, seriously expensive. I mean, sell your first born expensive. But for the lucky under 26’s there is a magical answer – the 16-25 Railcard.

The deal is that you pay £28 for the railcard, and this gives you:

  • 1/3 on rail fares throughout Great Britain (i.e. train travel)
  • 1/3 off tube travel on weekends and bank holidays
  • discounts on travel after 10am on weekdays
  • Special offers on tourist stuff

Only catch is that the discounts above do vary – you are not always going to get exactly 1/3 off. But this card has saved me a massive amount over the last year and I highly recommend getting one.

P.s. To add your rail card on to your Oyster (to get the discounts) you have to take the card to a train/tube station and talk to the ticket person.

P.p.s potentially the best use of this card is if you are going to be having an epic day in London – you can get 1/3 off an off peak all day (and all zone) travel card.

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