Three days of Saatchi art: Day 2

Valery Koshlyakov

For day 2 of Saatchi art we are marching straight ahead, through reception, and going to the very back room. Behold, the mastery of Valery Koshlyakov and her amazing abstract paintings of Paris.

They are just the right amount of detail to be able to pick out the location – Paris the city of my heart. The Opera House (above) is painted onto brown cardboard boxes, some flat and some almost peeling off. I’m not too sure what it means in terms of longevity/conservation (would they disintegrate at the merest hint of moisture?), but as a visual trick it ticks all the um… boxes.

The colours are pretty ideal too. In my mind Paris is all about  hushed and muted tones, just shy of pastel, and these paintings mimic it perfectly. What stops the pallet becoming to insipid (particularly above) is the play of shadows from the overhanging boxes, which may be why I think it is slightly stronger then the Notre Dame painting below.

Although, everyone know flying buttresses are a girls best friend…

Valery Koshlyakov

Author: runawaykiwi