Three days of Saatchi art: Day 3

Anna Parkina

Phew, end of the three day Saatchi marathon – like the London marathon but with less sweat. Time for this fabulous sculpture by Anna Parkina.

I’m not sure why I like ‘on a swallows wing’ but I really do. A different perspective from every angle and some subtle hints of blue.

The funniest bit is that it looks like it should be useful (this may be the IKEA colour scheme). I walked round it four times trying to see if I could store magazines, balance my iPad or rest my cup of tea. But like most art it refused to have any practical purpose.

As sculptures go this is one of the ‘nice’ ones. Not shocking or overpowering, but still a reasonable size and intriguing to look at.

And from certain angles it looks like a baby elephant.

Author: runawaykiwi

5 thoughts on “Three days of Saatchi art: Day 3

  1. I was there today and found the Russian photos just unbearable. I loved quite a few exhibits and took many pics on my iPhone because I managed to leave my camera at home charging.

    What was you overall favourite? Cruel question, I know.

    The school children’s horses has to be up there for me.

    1. I hated those photos – I know they were there for a reason, but I thought they were so vile I didn’t want to pause!

      My favourite is always Richard Wilson – 20:50…the best of the best.

      1. It is utterly amazing. I was sorta hoping someone would walk out onto it whilst I was there. Joking.
        I did like Dominic from Luton’s Maggie and the other favourites will be governed by how well my pics came out. Frivolous but true.

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