Two ingredient ice cream bread

Waitrose Vanilla Ice Cream

A debate was raging on Facebook. Some friends in New Zealand had posted a link to an Ice Cream Bread recipe and everyone was wondering if it was a hoax or if it was possible. I thought the ice cream bread might actually work, it is essentially a soda bread with ice cream instead of buttermilk and with baking powder as the raising agent. My fellow social media debaters were in New Zealand and all the supermarkets were closed for the night, but thanks to the 13 hour time difference it was lunchtime in London – cue runawaykiwi running to Waitrose to pick up some ice cream.

I decided to try and make ice cream bread for one (to stop me eating an entire tub of ice cream!) so I based the proportions on the soda bread I made a while ago.

100ml vanilla cream 

1/2 cup (or 125g) of self raising flour*
Ice Cream and flour

Wait for the ice cream to have melted a bit – buy the time you get it home from the supermarket it should be melted enough. Mix the melted ice cream and flour together and squish together till it forms a ball. Divide into two and put in the mini loaf tins you had left over from your Fêted afternoon tea a few weeks ago. Bake for 25 minutes in a 180°C oven.

Ice cream bread dough


Well it worked in the sense that it resulted in something edible, but it was not as crazy or astounding as I thought it would be. The ice cream bread was essentially just a really sweet scone. But at least the novelty value was high and it was super quick to make – and I think it would be fun to try with different flavours of ice cream.

The big question still remains, if you made this with cookie dough ice cream would you get a sweet bread with cookies in it?

Ice cream bread
*if you don’t have any you can just use 1/2cup normal flour and 1/4tsp of baking powder

Author: runawaykiwi