Turns out Broadway Markets are ever so slightly amazing

Broadway Market

My sister has been raving about Broadway Markets since I arrived in the UK. But like the obstinate little sister that I am, it took me over a year to deign to visit.

It. Was. Amazing.

Unlike my normal weekend market (Borough), Broadway Market is more focused on ready to eat food – or at least ready to take away and then claim you cooked it when feeding friends for dinner. I chose to go for a delicious mince pie (I’m a Kiwi, get over it), followed by a chocolate and salted caramel whoopie pie AND a violet vanilla cupcake. Because, you know… one dessert is never enough.

I liked that the market was split up between school yards and streets, each with their own vibe. It meant that you could spend hours just meandering through them all. It was also a nice change seeing something other than food at one of these markets with clothes, books and antiques all making anĀ appearance, and I got to indulge my magpie-like attraction to jewellery which is always a good/dangerousĀ thing.

I highly recommend Broadway Market as a weekend destination – just make sure you go on an empty stomach.

Salmon at Broadway Market

Heart Tarts

Crowd at Broadway Market

Pigeon and Cheese Graffiti

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