You’ve heard of the square watermelon, introducing the round eggplant

Purple Eggplant


The number one reason that I like markets in London is the chance to try different produce. If you only shop in a supermarket you will see the same fruit and vegetables every time you go – no matter what brand of supermarket or time of year it will by and large be the same.

Whereas a place like Borough Market is not only seasonal, but also has variates of vegetables that I never knew existed. So when I was wandering round Borough Market trying to decide between Notes, Monmouth or Rabot Estate for coffee I was of course looking for anything new. And then I saw them…the massive round purple eggplant.

So what was the massive round purple eggplant like? Slightly sweeter than your normal, but the best part was the size – you could have huge eggplant steaks that you would never get out of the standard supermarket variety.


Author: runawaykiwi