The post where runawaykiwi almost misses an adventure

London Underground

I was off on a grand adventure. A wonderful Mad Max tour of Stonehenge, Avebury Stone Circles, Castle Combe and Lacock village was on the horison (more on this tomorrow), but first I had to get to Bath.

You see, the tour was for a full day starting at 8:30am in the centre of Bath. Being a skint kiwi I didn’t want to pay for a hotel for the night before so I needed to take the shockingly early 6:30am train from Paddington. Getting a train that early on a Saturday? The tour better be worth it.

To get to the train on time I had to leave home before five. I had it all worked out perfectly, a down to the minute timetable of walking, multiple tubes and finally a dash to the right patform. And it was all going so well to, until I did something that I have not done in the last year in London…I got on the wrong tube.

Such a rookie mistake.

I got on the tube going south when I should have gone north. No problem right? Just get off at the next stop and get the next tube right? That was the completely logical Plan B.

Problem was that the tube did not start running north from that station until 6am.

I arrived at Paddington sweating and swearing the exact minute my train to Bath was meant to depart.

Thankfully the travel gods were with me and delayed the train for five minutes. Not only did I make the train after an early morning hour of transport stress, but I even managed to grab a coffee.

Onwards to the adventure!


Author: runawaykiwi