The first part of my Mad Max adventure – Stonehenge!


I was lucky enough to be invited down to Bath to try the Mad Max full day tour of Stonehenge,  Avebury Stone Circles, Castle Combe & Lacock village. So on a grey and cloudy Saturday morning, I found myself staring at some big rocks in the rain.

Stonehenge is a bit of a strange duck really. There is so much mythical mystery attached to this stone circle that you expect something more when you visit. Its a bit like going to see the Mona Lisa – you walk into the Louvre and there are just too many other tourists and its smaller than you thought it would be.

At Stonehenge you have to walk on a set path around the stones (the photo below is about as close as you can get). I think if you were able to get up close you would appreciate the magic, or sheer human bloody mindedness, a lot more. It would also have helped if the sun was shining…when you are focused on running between rain-drops you aren’t exactly focussing on historical conspiracy theories!

But despite the vague sense of disappointment, akin to finding out the Easter Bunny is actually Dad, it is still well worth the trip. If you don’t go and see Stonehenge for yourself there will always be that box on your bucket list left un-ticked.

Conclusion? I wouldn’t bother to make the trip to Stonehenge by itself, but as one part of a day tour it is a good thing to tick off the list.

Oh, and remember to take your umbrella….


Runawaykiwi was a guest of Mad Max Tours but all views expressed are my own.

Author: runawaykiwi