The end of the adventure (and seeing Harry Potter’s house)

Lacock Abbey

The rest of the tour was spent exploring the picturesque villages of Lacock and Castle Combe. After being in London for over a year, it was nice to finally see these village things that everyone talks about! Although I think the two that we saw were so beautiful that they may have spoiled me forever more.

The first stop was Lacock village, four streets a few pubs and an Abbey. The village itself is perfect for a relaxed pub lunch (The George had a ploughmans to die for), and a gentle stroll. The shopping opportunities in Lacock were bizarre at best – while there were a couple of genuinely interesting craft type shops the rest were selling cheap touristy tat.

But who really has time to shop when Lacock Abbey is waiting to be seen. Even if you don’t go to the main building, I highly recommend going to see the abandoned cloisters (photos above and below). The architecture itself is worth the tour, everything was ripped out when the monasteries were disbanded by Henry VII and it makes such an echoingly beautiful impression.

Lacock Abbey

Oh and for any Harry Potter fans…Lacock village is also home to the house where his parents died!

Lacock House

Castle Combe was the last stop on our tour. It has been used as a set for many a movie, but the two which were instantly recognisable were Starlight and War Horse. This village is unbelievably cute, and it was the perfect end to the day – eating cake by the babbling brook.

Castle Combe Castle Combe Castle Combe

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  1. happy to hear you have found the UK has more to offer than London, many pretty villages in Kent too-JW

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