Motivation Monday – the cocktail edition

Number 5 cocktail

I was thinking about todays Motivation Monday, wondering how to really get you motivated this week. Silly question really, the simple answer is cocktails.

I have come across a couple of fantastic drinks recently. The first was the No 5 cocktail made by the creative team at London Bar Consultants (above). They refused to divulge the exact recipe, but the flavours are entirely based on the Chanel Number 5 perfume using the COLD Bar house gin as a base. Based on the number of girls (and guys!) ordering the No 5 on the night that I was there, it’s not just me who found it alarmingly drinkable.

The other drink of motivation is the grown up Piña Colada at Caravan Kings Cross (below). Made from deep fried pineapple and creamed coconut, this is as fancy shmancy as a piña colada can get. Now all I need is a white sand beach and an over priced floppy hat and my motivation will be complete.

Drink up and enjoy my boozy blog readers!



Author: runawaykiwi