How to get a job in London


First things first, stop complaining about having to send out more than 10 CVs. Given the job market in 2013 I wouldn’t even raise my eyebrows to hear you had sent out 100. To put it simply, there has been a recession and it is harder to get a job. Not that I say ‘harder’, but this does not make it impossible. You just need to think a bit before clicking ‘send’ on that CV of yours.

Step one is to actually read the job description. After looking for a week or so you tend to get desperate and just APPLY FOR ALL THE THINGS. It is a complete waste of time and will just make you feel worse. Take the time to read the job description and think about the following:

– Are you qualified

– Are you the least bit interested/passionate about the company

– Do you want the job

The qualified one can be a bit tricky, but a good indication can be the salary – chances are a graduate is not going to be qualified for a role with an £80k salary.  As for the wanting the job question, just because you want ‘a’ job does not mean you want ‘this’ job.

Now its time to get creative and get noticed. Don’t for a minute think that just because you are applying for an office job that you have to follow the path everyone else does. My favourite tactic is to send a GIF rather than a cover letter (a GIF is the silly series of moving images above). Of course, in the actual GIF that I send it is significantly more relevant and slightly less desperate than the one above.

Make sure your little spark of creativity fits with the company and the role, but don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve and go all out.

Oh and make sure your CV actually says something about you. I have had more comments about my ‘Interests’ section than anything else. Yes it is silly, but it is a talking point and helped my CV to stand out.

“Blogging, art, travel, Doctor Who, jewellery making and design,

psychology, e-commerce, comparative politics,

Earl Grey tea, shoes, baking, social history, kittens.”

Author: runawaykiwi

7 thoughts on “How to get a job in London

  1. I’m totally dreading the job hunt I’ll have to do when i eventually move back to London. My career choices so far have all come about from applying for anything and everything and hoping I at least get something!

    1. Don’t dread it in the slightest, just don’t be put off at the first hurdle. The right job is out there for you – you just have to be in the right place at the right time wearing your biggest smile!

  2. Have been following your blog for a while, and love this post! The advice to read the job description is spot on – nothing is more frustrating for recruiters and hiring managers than completely irrelevant applications. As Facebook friends with Kiwis in London, we’re always happy to receive (relevant) applications

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