Sam Hunt is perfect for a rainy day

School policy on stickmen by Sam Hunt

It’s said that children should not use
stick figures when they draw.
And yet I’ve lain all night awake
looking at this drawing here
of orange men, stick figures every one of them,
walking up a crayon mountain hand in hand
walking up my wall.
They’re edging up a ridge
their backs against the mountain
pinned against my wall.
And every one is smiling.
They know the way a mountain laughs,
especially crayon mountains made of brown.
They know they’re not allowed,
these orange men.

Author: runawaykiwi

3 thoughts on “Sam Hunt is perfect for a rainy day

      1. I’ve known hime sine I was a teenager and he lived in Bottle Creek. He was a student of my Dad’s at teachers’ College. He’s not changed a whole lot in the passing of the years – just the fame quotient of course.

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