runawaykiwi ran away to New York

I went on a family holiday to the concrete jungle where dreams are made. To be honest it was less making dreams and more eating amazing food, shopping like a nutter and celebrating with family. So I thought I would ease you into the empire state of mind by giving you my second first impressions of New York.

First is the bigness of it. It is almost impossible to get anything in a photo – just so big big big! It does make me think of the poor architects who design these monoliths, only for them to be photographed in part.

Guggenheim Museum

Second is the amazing stickers and fliers on every corner in the city. I’ve shown you this one and this one, but my favourite by far is this.

Nerd seeking nerd

And lastly, is the colour. So much colour.



Tune in tomorrow for a complete New York blood bath!

Author: runawaykiwi