Art made by bees

The honeycomb vase


That ladies and gentlemen, is a vase made by bees. Bees are known for their artistic temperament, but this is the first time I have even seen one of their works.

They get points for use of geometrical patterns, and also for utilising non-traditional materials but I can’t help feeling like they let themselves down in the finish – I mean, its hardly symmetrical.

What is really impressive is that it is a result of an artistic commune that actually worked. 40,000 bees lived and worked together to create the vase, and as far as I know everyone did their fair share of work and there was not a single argument.

(This is part of a series of works by Tomáš Gabzdil Libertin to show a ‘slow manufacturing’ process. Tomáš creates a frame and then lets the bees at it, it takes 40,000 bees about a week to create the honeycomb structure around the frame. As seen at MOMA in New York).

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