Motivation Monday – the am I old enough to do this edition?

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I have travelled the world, I am an independent and (hopefully somewhat) valuable member of society, I can be trusted to feed myself, pay by bills and even exercise occasionally. Even given all that, I honestly don’t know when I became grown up enough to be trusted with it all.

I can book a flight, get to the airport on time and fly to a foreign destination – I can even have multiple* cocktails on the flight- but there is still a nagging feeling that I should have got my Mum to sign the permission slip.

Even when planning my independent little jaunts around London at the weekend I feel like I should check with someone that it is ok. Who would this someone be? …Parents? Friends? The local constabulary?

This feeling is more than a little ridiculous; I am a bad-ass kiwi blogger who elbows the ‘left standers’ on the underground, who drinks more coffee than is medically recommended and who loves my adopted city more than is reasonable.

I guess this is just one of those lovely reminders of a happy childhood, no matter how old I am or which time zone I am in I still want to text Dad to say I am home safe.

*I hate flying, so yes the multiple cocktails are always necessary

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  1. I know what you mean, I think it’s just nice and reassuring to know that someone else cares & knows you are safe.

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