Art that can save the world

Wind powered deminer


Functional beauty is the cry of a world in recession. We can’t afford to dream of art any more, so we fill our homes with pretty teacups and cover ourselves with meaningful tattoos. Thankfully the art world is finally catching on.

The glorious sculpture above is not only aesthetically pleasing but is actually a low cost device for setting off land-mines. Massoud Hassani based the sculpture on the memory of wind powered toys from his childhood, it is made to travel across land with GPS tracking the safe path. If it were to set off a mine, it would absorb the shock and only partially destruct.

The best part is that if it were to go into full scale production it would cost around 40USD to make – a far more affordable option than the normal minesweepers.

And without doubt, it is a thing of beauty.

Mine Kafon Wind-Powered Deminer (2011) by Massoud Hassani as seen at MOMA.

Author: runawaykiwi