Ten reasons why the London Underground is better than the New York Subway

New York Subway


1. The Underground has individual seats, the Subway just has benches – with benches people spread out and leave less seats for everyone.

2. The Underground has upholstered seats, the Subway seats are just made of shiny plastic so you slide into the sweaty stranger next to you at every stop.

3. On the Underground you can get to the opposite platform without scanning your ticket again, on the Subway you have to exit and enter again – only problem is you can only use your metro pass once every 18 minutes.

4. The Underground has easy to differentiate line names (Jubilee Line!), the Subway just has a bunch of meaningless letters (E train?).

5. The Underground gates open automatically when you touch in, many of the Subway gates have to be pushed by hand (which then become dirty dirty subway hands).

6. The Underground has individual tunnels per platform (only noisey when your train is there), whereas on the Subway you can see across multiple platforms (ridiculously noisy all the time).

7. Both the Underground and the Subway are full of crazies, but at least in London they keep the crazy on the inside most of the time.

8. The Underground is full of posters, artwork and advertising; the Subway is just dirty crumbling concrete and growing damp mould.

9. Most of the time you can understand the announcements on the Underground, the Subway just has screechy mumbles with an American twang.

10. Bond never went on the fucking Subway.

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