Lets finish up this NYC adventure with a walk down the High Line

New York High Line

Given that it was over 30°C the entire time we were in New York, it might not have been the brightest idea to go for a mile long stroll with no shade when the sun was at its highest point. But when in Rome, you go and check out the High Line.

The High Line is a long elevated park on the Lower West side, it has art hidden amongst the wild flower gardens all with the backdrop of New York New York.  I wouldn’t exactly say it is an oasis of calm (you are always within spitting distance of the city streets*), but it is a beautiful green meeting place.

I think the people are the best part of the High Line. While I was there it was being used as a pretty commute, an education centre, a lunch stop, a walking gossip, a gym, an art-scape, a nap spot and for me it was the location a long awaited family reunion.

High Line NYC

It was also nice how some of the art was almost indistinguishable from the city behind it, like Broken Bridge by El Anatsui below. At every turn I questioned if what I was seeing is as intended or just a happy coincidence.

NYC High Line

*thanks gravity

Author: runawaykiwi