Theatre for dorks: I Need a Doctor, an unauthorised Whosical adventure

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One of the first things I booked through YPlan is the Edinburgh Fringe preview of “I Need a Doctor, an unauthorised Whosical adventure”, i.e. a Dr Who musical. If you hadn’t gathered by now, I am a bit of a dork. Actually, scratch that, I am a massive dork. So for me a Dr Who musical sounds like a fantastic night out.

It was in the smaller theatre at the Pleasance in Islington, which was actually quite lovely because it guaranteed that everyone in the audience was a genuine Whovian. The plot sounded promising; a super fan creates a Who musical and uses actual Who stars to put it on. Only slight problem is that all the big stars had better things to do, oh and also the pesky BBC copyright laws.

So instead it was a delightful comedy of errors, where the script was re-written and all the characters were played by two actors.

What made this such a unique show was the shared Dr Who passion. It was like seeing an end of year school show where everyone mocks the teachers – an endless inside joke.

It was a fantastic Whogasm of a show that all dorks must see.

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