The 21 Day Challenge aka. what the hell did I sign up for…


Pretty much the best way to get  me to do something is to say I wont be able to do it. When a couple of colleagues said that I would never be able to do the 21 Day Challenge, that meant that I had to do it.

I am perfectly happy with my body – my only concern is that I can fit into the clothes I own because I can’t really afford to buy new ones. So while the intent of challenges like this is to lose weight, I just wanted to see if I had the will power & to see if I could cook anything interesting.

The basic idea is no carbs, dairy or sugar i.e. you are just eating protein and veges. The dairy thing is big for me, I have a bagillion cups of tea a day (each with milk in). But luckily I like green tea and fruit teas so it should be an easy switch. The other one that is a bit weird is the no fruit rule, it is because of the carbs/sugar in the fruit. Normally I use fruit to divert any chocolate cravings, so it could be a recipe for disaster.

I can see that I will need to be really organised – packing lunch the night before might just be the magic key.

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