21 Day Challenge update



The biggest tip I can give you about the 21 Day Challenge is don’t decide to do it on a whim and start the next day. I woke up and all of a sudden couldn’t eat half the stuff in my fridge.

Of all the delicious things I could have cooked, all of the crazy flavourful protein/vege combos, the only ingredients I had was one carrot, the end of a cucumber and an egg. So… I had an egg, a carrot and the end of a cucumber. Not exactly the most inventive dining experience I have ever had.

My second tip really should have been an obvious one. Whatever you do, don’t meet friends at Borough Market on the second day of the Challenge. Seriously. Nowhere does carbs better than Borough Market and it was a major test of will power. So instead I downed espressos like there was no tomorrow and skipped off into the Challenge sunset.

I have modified the Challenge a little, I wasn’t feeling 100% ok with the zero carbs stance. So I have decided to start every day with a small bowl of porridge (made with water not milk) with some crushed walnuts and cinnamon to give it some flavour.

Wish me luck!