How to make sparkly shoes for cheap

My favourite pair of shoes I have ever owned were a pair of silver sequined Alice & Olivia Keds. They looked like I was wearing disco balls on my feet and made me feel awesome in any outfit (admittedly to others I may have looked like an overgrown 3 year old).

But after wearing them non-stop for about a year, the sparkly Keds came to an unfortunate yet predictable end. What is a skint girl in London to do? Make her own!

Sparkle Shoes

I found some white canvas flats from Office that were on sale for £8.  Next step was to go to a dodgy haberdashery under a railway arch and be taken into a back room to be shown sparkles. Yeah, pretty much as bad as it sounds. However I did leave with some pretty blue sparkles for £5.

I used my industrial Araldite glue in the hopes that it would hold the shoes together on these mean London streets (check back in a few weeks to see how that pans out). The other crucial bit of tech was the old ‘bluetac on the end of a makeup brush’ – it made it so much easier to grab the little sparkly suckers!

Rather than covering the entire shoe, I went for the ‘kicked a bucket of sparkles’ technique…love the finished look!

Finished Sparkle Shoes

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