Why I haven’t done any travel since living in London

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I know what you are thinking, what about that Spain trip last year or New York a few weeks ago. So let me clarify, this post is about why I haven’t been able to do any non-parent sponsored travel since I started living in London.

I love travel. It is fun, it busts open your horizons, gives you stories to dine out on for years and helps to re-evaluate/focus on your at home priorities. So why have I not been doing it? Sadly and predictably it comes down to money.

I choose to live in London. By that I don’t mean just exist here temporarily between European flights. I am addicted to this city (with its arty highs and rainy lows) and I try to focus on getting as much out of it as I can. Every spare pound gets scraped together to go to plays, coffee or a train out to zone three to visit a nice garden. This London life is not extravagant by any means (most of my adventures cost under £15), but it is more than I would do if I was trying to save every penny for travel.

The other choice I have made is to live in a nice calm flat in a good area i.e. I pay through the nose in rent and bills. I do this because it increases my daily happiness. If I were just in London to travel I would be living like many other kiwis in a falling apart flat with 6 others in an area described by realtors as “up and coming’. A great way to save money, but rather too much like an extended university holiday for my liking.

The other thing that makes it hard to travel is the annoying fact that I am happily single i.e. I don’t have an automatic accommodation splitter. While I have some frankly awesome friends over here, it is really hard to find a travel buddy for the time/price/type of trip that you want to take.

So that leaves me desperate to jet off somewhere for a week, but without the bank balance to tackle single supplement (seriously, having to pay £400 over a week just because you are travelling alone absolutely sucks). Even if I was just taking a quick jaunt to Paris, the cost of accommodation for one (without hitting up a hostel) is prohibitive.

Sigh, don’t worry this rant is now over. I will go back to loving my every breath in London tomorrow. Who needs the rest of the world when I have 1,583 square kilometres of historic, arty, cultural, sunny, foodie, fighty, crazy London to play in?

(Although if anyone has a solution please shout!)



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  1. No, agreed sadly it can be quite a balancing act. Though booking flights waaaay on advance for European trips can help the cost.

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