Motivation Monday – the courage and colour edition (London Color Run 2013)

The Color Run

I have never been a runner. I don’t just mean that I have never done a marathon, I mean that I don’t think I have ever run for any distance longer than the next bus stop.

Actually running anywhere always just seemed inefficient, isn’t that was public transport is for?  But when I saw that The Color Run had finally come to London, I knew it was time to pop my running cherry.

Thankfully the internet and a glass of wine makes it easy to jump in with both feet. I didn’t even wait to ask any of my friends to do it, I just booked. Thankfully when I posted about my colourful running plans on Facebook some of my friends decided to join the party.

The most I can say about my training regime is that I had really good intentions. But the only time I wore my running shoes was to go shopping in Times Square, and the closest I got to training was taking said shoes in a bag to work and back. Yeah, I was ready.

So where does the courage come into it? I’ve said it before and I will say it again; we each have things that scare us. To other people an organised sporting event is challenging, fun and makes the weekend more interesting. For me it was something to avoid.

I hate being judged/compared to others so a race is essentially my nightmare. I also can’t stand big crowds, so again a sporting event is not ideal. And there is also something about anti-conformity, ask me to travel the same path as everyone else and you may be hit.

So signing up for The Color Run was a big deal for me. But thanks to my fantastic friends I had a thoroughly good time. We met up early and had a pre-run big breakfast (I went for the Eggs Benedict), which was a great way to ease into the day. It also meant that I entered Wembley (where the run was held) with an army of crazy friends around me.

As for the run itself, the lack of training hampered me a bit. We somehow lucked ourselves into the front row of the second group to run, so after dancing in the sun for a while I managed something that actually looked like a run for the first 500m. Then I realised that I can’t run in the slightest so managed the rest of the race by alternating between walking, jogging and galloping. It almost goes without saying that having colour pigment thrown at you every km is a MASSIVE MOTIVATOR.

Again my friends made the day with a mixture of gentle encouragement, pigment filled high fives and inappropriate hugging (you know, just to share the colour). So I finished my first ever run covered in colour, smiling like a kid at Christmas and at full horseless gallop.

I had a brilliant day, and even if the running was a bit of a fail I think I managed to get 100% on the colour part. I highly recommend this as a first run and a must do if it is in a city near you!

Oh and not kidding, I was wearing SPF30 sunscreen and a t-shirt and still got sunburned…bring on Autumn.

Author: runawaykiwi