21 Day Challenge…what on earth have I been eating?


After yesterday’s radical running occurrence, let me give an update on my 21 Day Challenge. I’m still going strong, the only exception being a lovely trip to Brixton Village where I just could not say no to a pulled-pork burger (above) – all the required protein with a few carbs thrown in for good measure.

My typical eating day looks like this:


A small handful of porridge made with water – I use a pinch of cinnamon or ginger to give it a bit of flavour (or on one truly disappointing morning an accidental pinch of cumin).


Half a pack of sliced roast chicken breast (the Waitrose home brand one is incredible!) with spinach/rocket/cos lettuce and olive oil for my essential fats.


A few options here. For the vege part I normally went edamame beans (you can buy a big frozen bag for around £2) or carrots and cucumber. For the protein it was whatever came to hand, generally along the lines of eggs or shaved ham. My snack fat was a handful of nuts or avocado – thank god for summer!


I knew dinner would be tricky because when I get home from work I am starving. So at the start of the challenge I made a big batch of bolognese which followed the vege/protein/fat proportions exactly (I stuffed it full of eggplant and zucchini) so that I could freeze and grab it as needed.

Other than that I ate whatever was on special at the supermarket – because all that meat is hella expensive!

Although I am seriously craving all the lovely fruits that are in the markets at the moment, I only have a few more days to go!!!

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