Museum of London Docklands … Romans, Sugar and sea fortresses

Museum of London DocklandI had put off going to the Museum of London Docklands for quite some time because of the terrible terrible time I had the its sister site, the Museum of London, where they tried to cover too much and couldn’t capture my interest with anything. But since I had a couple of hours to kill and happened to be in the area, I thought I would give it a go.

The Museum just covers the history of the London docklands area – from Roman settlements through WWII and right up to todays fancy apartment redevelopments. I think because it was limited to just one area it could cover this considerable timespan without spreading itself too thin.

It also helped that it is a new museum. The entire thing is in one of the old warehouses and is very on theme with wooden floors and exposed beams. Starting on the top floor you walk through the museum in chronological order, by doing this they manage to cram in all the major historical themes and keep it interesting. They also had a couple of sections that were set up like  historical streets- the kids went nuts for them!

My first highlight had to be learning about the sea fortresses designed during world war two which I think were based on the 1995 critically acclaimed film Water World. And the final highlight was the rum bar next door – its not alcoholism, its history.

WWII Fortress