Once: a musical where the stage turns into a bar at half time


I have always been slightly put off the the overproduced bigness of musicals. Yes they are loud, impressive and manage to rhyme almost every line; but they are not the most authentic of theatre experiences.

Once totally changed this for me. Set in an Irish pub, with all the players on the stage the entire time – there were none of the brightly coloured spinning sets I was dreading.

It is a subtle and never completed love story between a recently dumped Irish musician and a new in town Czech immigrant. There were no barricades, wilderbeast or green witches but it hit all the right notes of tension, drama and love. In a way I think it is more suited to those who normally enjoy plays rather than the usual musical groupies.

I would recommend getting there early, the cast starts playing Irish jigs on the stage before the start time. And make sure to get down to the stage at half time to enjoy the unique experience of the set turning into a working bar.

4 thoughts on “Once: a musical where the stage turns into a bar at half time

  1. One of my favourite films made into a stage musical… You’ve no idea how excited I was when I saw the posters for this. A must see.

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