Let me tell you about eight hours of creativity


Living in a London flat does not lend itself to creativity. You can’t normally hang things on the walls, there isn’t the space for big canvases and the close neighbours mean the jewellery hammers have to stay silent. But having reached the edge of the creativity cliff, I needed an outlet. London Jewellery School; enter stage left.

Deep in the heart of Hatton Gardens (London’s jewellery quarter) the London Jewellery School runs short courses & diploma courses in everything jewellery related; from silver to beads. I highly recommend their classes – the Soldering Masterclass did wonders for my technique, but since all I needed was the space and the tools I decided to rent one of their benches for the day.

So I had eight hours stretching ahead of me, and nothing but silver and solder to fill it. I knew that I wanted to make stacker rings but that was about as far as I got. So I made a cup of tea and just started sawing.

For the entire day I didn’t stop. There was no plan or any sort of method, if something didn’t work I either turned it into something else or just scrapped it and moved on. While I waited for one thing in the pickle (don’t ask, its a jewellery thing), I started on another. There was not a single other thought in my head, I was just wrapped up in the joy of creating.

It was the most pure form of mindfulness that I have experienced since coming to London. Every sort of thought or worry was blocked out as I tried to avoid burning my eyebrows off. And the nice thing is that as well as mental peace and equilibrium, I also got the pretty rings in the picture above to wear everyday as a reminder.

London Jewellery School

It costs £30 to rent a bench from 10am to 5pm (they let me stay a little later!) and the price includes tea and biscuits & my materials were around £30.

2 thoughts on “Let me tell you about eight hours of creativity

  1. Fantastic! I can’t believe how cheap it is (AND you get tea & biscuits!).
    It’s great to take time for yourself to be creative. Makes the boring work stuff easier to handle.

  2. Ever thought of wire jewellery – minimal tools (great for the flat) No pickle!! and no hammering now I know we all need a little bashing stuff with hammers occasionally but if you need to be quiet. I teach at In The Studio but have a load of stuff on youtube if you are interested??
    Love your rings by the way!

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