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Sunday morning coffee and Elton Johns piano at the Royal Albert Hall

Classical Coffee Morning

Not every lovely experience in London has to cost the earth. The Royal Albert Hall hosts Classical Coffee Mornings for the grand old price of £11.  For that you get a coffee, a pastry and an hour of classical music played by students from the Royal College of Music. Oh, and in case I forget to mention it THEY PLAYED ON ELTON JOHN’S BRIGHT RED PIANO.

It was a sublime start to a Sunday morning. I just couldn’t get over the high calibre of the students performing, honestly I have heard professional musicians who didn’t have that level of skill or command over the audience.

It was food for the soul and the stomach and the ideal way to relax of a weekend.

Top tip: Get there early so you have time to get a coffee before the concert, I was late and had to wait till the end!


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