A little bit of Paris right in the heart of London


As we have been over time and time again, London is freakin expensive. Its hard enough to just afford to eat and live, you can’t even imagine a little slice of luxury. But believe it or not you can feel like one of the kids from Made in Chelsea for less than £5; all you need to do is go to Harrods.

Yes, you read that right, Harrods. Not exactly the budget shopping experience, but stick with me on this one.

Tucked away in a candy coloured back corner of the behemoth of a store is Ladurée, a French bakery which is famed for its macaroons. If you go before Harrods opens the cafe so quiet that it is like you have your own private slice of French heaven.

I always had a bit of a bad opinion of macaroons. Yes they were pretty colours, but the texture was always too mealy and the flavour was either bubblegum fake or non-existent. But the Ladurée macaroons are in a different league. They are crunchy, chewy, delicate and with sublime flavour combinations. All in the opulent gold and mint setting of this lovely cafe.

I would avoid the coffee (expensive and quite rubbish), but just choose a couple of macaroon flavours and sit back and relax.

I munched my way through the rose, ginger, salted caramel, coffee, vanilla and melon flavours; but I think I will have to go again to figure out which is my favourite.

A little breath of luxury on a budget.

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