The happiest Depressed Cake Shop of them all

The Depressed Cake Shop

I am forever grateful to be growing up now. Yes, us modern kids have to put up with the endless recession, global warming and the constant threat of being compared to Lindsay Lohan but the positives blow all that out of the water. There has never been so much acceptance on all fronts, people are fighting for and winning  the equality battle; gay couples can legally get married, smart women are #shoutingback to drown out the trolls and mental illness is talked about and accepted.

All of this was emphasised when I was walking down Brick Lane today and I came across the Depressed Cake Shop. It is a pop-up bakery to raise money and awareness for mental illness. All of the delicious looking cakes and other sweet treats are grey, to emphasis the grey funk that is depression and mental illness.

While grey food isn’t normally something you would reach for, in The Depressed Cake shop it is all the rage. But what was even better than the delicious sweet things was the way that the cafe was packed full of people comfortably talking about mental illness. Something that was previously at best hushed up and at worst condemned is in 2013 something to be talked about over cake.

We truly live in miraculous times.



The Depressed Cake Shop

Author: runawaykiwi