A special note for my Dad

Dad and me

1. I am safe

2. I am happy

3. I know how to get home from wherever I am (I managed to get there in the first place after all)

4. Even when my Big Sis goes home at the end of the year I will still be safe and happy

5. I eat well most of the time (come on, the treats over here are amazing)

6. I think about Skypeing you all the time, but this time difference really sucks

7. Your ‘Kitten Picture of the Day’ stops me from feeling homesick and is like a hug from afar

8. When the fuses blow at midnight I will still call you just to double check I am not going to blow myself up

9. You prepared me for everything (except no. 10), so don’t worry!

10. Please send me some Jaffas

Author: runawaykiwi