Why I love #twitter number 126

GBK Burget

I was casually looking at my feed the other day when a tweet from GBK caught my eye:



Why yes, I can eat burgers and also drink shakes…I’m in! A little tweet later and I was locked in for a free lunch at GBK in Soho. They were shooting an Absolute Radio piece and just needed some background noise – in return the lucky tweeters got a burger and shake of their choice (of course, being Kiwi I opted for the L&P).

In a world without Twitter I would never hear about these cool opportunities, and in that scary world without Twitter I would be a burger down.

Love you GBK!



Author: runawaykiwi

One thought on “Why I love #twitter number 126

  1. I think twitter is a great way to connect as an expat, you can get a better feel for the place, make new connections, find people who understand your rants and get free stuff! Sadly no free burgers in Bangkok though…

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