I think I missed the book where Harry Potter was a cripple


The last in the series of ‘seeing famous people in real life’ plays was seeing Daniel Radcliffe in The Cripple of Inishmaan.

It was challenging from the offset – the entire play is set on a remote Irish island and has the thick Irish accents to match. I’m normally quite good with accents, but this took me till the third scene before I didn’t have to concentrate on the words.

While it is meant to be a hysterically funny satire, I found the humor not black enough to be funny but too heavy to be funny either – the writing has to be very clever to make entertainment out of tuberculosis, domestic violence and unreliable egg delivery men.

But there was no shortage of laughs, I think there was a healthy scattering if Daniel Radcliffe fans in the audience who would have laughed at anything he said.

The outstanding performer of the night had to be Sarah Greene who played Helen McCormick, the violently tough village slut. She was sparky, funny and really stole the show. I also really liked the set – essentially three sections on a stage sized lazy susan.

Although it wasn’t really my sort of play I think the reason I felt so let down by it was because the previous two in the series were so mind blowingly amazing.

Then again, for £11 it was still a good night out.

Author: runawaykiwi