Motivation Monday – the going home edition


Before I became an expat there was no way in hell I was going to do a long haul flight for any holiday less than a month. I have a fear of flying, so the 30 hour + journey between Auckland and London is my own personal hell. Which meant to make it ‘worth it’ I better get a damn good holiday out of the torture.

There is also the cost involved – with flights at peak times costing £1500 (NZD3000) it is a lot of cash to use as a foundation for a holiday.

But being an expat changes everything, you just reach a point were you know you need to see home for a bit. Apart from my parents there is no real ‘thing’ I want to see or do at home, It’s just the general feeling I miss of being able to hop in my car and drive to a cafe with friends. Or walking down a street lined with evergreen trees to buy treats from the dairy. Or even just being able to go out and not worry about missing the last tube for the night.

So when I saw a tweet about Flight Centers flash sale on flights to NZ I jumped at the chance. The resulting countdown and multiple telephone calls got me a £625 pound return flight to Auckland on China Southern. The only dates available in the sale mean that I am going to be running that combined 60 hour endurance race for just 10 magical days at home with my family.

When you live this far away from home, even a few snatched days make all the traveling worth it.

Now, what are the chances I can convince my parents to do Christmas in November?


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3 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – the going home edition

  1. Christmas in Aucks does it for me…You’ll have to tell ’em Franklin Road’s lights are off this year but Oxford Street is a close second….

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