A raw dinner on a Hackney rooftop


Summer is slowly slipping through our grasp. But instead of mourning its passing, I decided to savour its last lazy moments by signing up to a raw dinner on the rooftop if Netil House in Hackney.

Raw food is exactly what it sounds like…not cooked. For my main I had a yummy zucchini pasta (I.e. ribbons of zucchini) with pesto, tomatoes and Brazil nut shavings meant to mimic Parmesan cheese (believe it or not it actually did a passable job). My desert was a berry cheesecake type thing that really hit the spot.

The rooftop of Netil House is a lovely way to spend an evening; chilling out in beanbags and deck-chairs while gazing out over the East London skyline. And when the band started to play it just added to the hipster afternoon vibe.

My only gripe about the entire experience was the price. I booked though Yplan which normally guarantees a bargain of an evening, but not so much here. The raw rooftop experience cost £48 for two, which set the expectations pretty high. After all, if they don’t have to pay for meat they should be able to blow your mind with flavour for that price*.

After all, if you look at the prices at Le Mercury they do a meaty lot more for a lot less.

Especially because the Yplan £48 was actually a discounted rate!!!

Oh well, it was fun. But next time I might be a bit more careful when booking food through YPlan.

*I should note here that I am not a vegetarian but love & appreciate vegetarian food none the less, my argument is more about how the price of meat these days in some way justifies the higher prices in a way that uncooked vegetables can’t.


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  1. This looks great, I’ve read alot about raw, but never really tried it. Must do so. But PLEASE don’t say summer is almost over: if we all wish hard enough, maybe it will stick around for a few more months?

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