Lets talk about The Breakfast Club


I am quite often derogatory about popular cafes of the Shoreditch persuasion. After all, the food is normally far below the ‘Kiwi cafe’ standard and who really wants to queue to get into a cafe. But I have to bite my tongue when it comes to The Breakfast Club.

I had a day off work so I decided to go a little crazy and treat myself to breakfast. Thankfully on a Tuesday morning at 8am there is no line outside the Artillery Lane Breakfast Club, so I was able to sit straight down and start agonising over the menu.

To help tide me over until I made a decision about the damn food I ordered a flat white. To my actual (not for blogging effect) surprise not only was the coffee passable it was just a little bit fantastic.

With caffeine in my veins, I felt strong e ought to decide on the American pancakes with berries and vanilla cream. Raaaaaaaaa………it was good. Fluffy, sweet and everything I dreamed of = good food choice.

So all in all, if you happen to have a weekday free I highly recommend a trip to The Breakfast Club. To be honest, they won me over with the sex, drugs and bacon rolls sign below – but even without the sign the coffee and food would still worth a trip.


Author: runawaykiwi

3 thoughts on “Lets talk about The Breakfast Club

  1. I keep hearing recommendations, but were put off by the queues, but that’s a really handy tip re. Weekdays!
    Ps. Those pancakes look scrummy!

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