Runawaykiwi: a Doctor Who adventure


I think what people my age are meant to do when they take a day off work is:

A) exist in a hungover malaise
B) fly to/from some fabulous destination
C) attend an annoyingly weekday wedding

The answer is not D) take the tube to West Ham to go to the Doctor Who museum. Never being one to go with the crowd, I chose D.

What you are really looking for when you brave the wilds of West Ham is The Who Shop run by couple of die hard Whovians. They have everything a fan could ever want to purchase – I myself walked home with my own tame adipose.

After walking round the shop, it wasn’t entirely obvious where the museum was. But after purchasing my ticket at the counter I was given the key to the TARDIS. I don’t mean that figuratively, I was given an actual key to the actual TARDIS in the corner. Excitement was pretty much at regeneration levels as I put the key in the lock and opened that big blue box only to find…

It’s much bigger on the inside.

Big enough in fact to hold an entire Doctor Who museum. They have props, costumes, replicas and a very well versed assistant (who was actually a Darlek in another life). It was brilliant fun as I tried on a UNIT gun for size and posed next to Cassandra from the first Who episode I ever watched.

The Doctor Who Museum is everything good about the Sci fi world; inclusive, friendly, passionate and with reasonably priced merchandise.

Highly recommended for all Who nerds.




Author: runawaykiwi