Motivation Monday – the awesome friends edition


Moving to the other side of the world turns you into a bit of a five year old. It’s been that long since most of us needed to actively go out and make new friends.

For me I joined a book club (hi Megan!), became a Lady who Blogs (hi Emma!), a kiwi who brunches (hi Everyone!) and briefly tried netball (no shout outs here, I was too busy dying).

As an expat you put yourself out there live never before and as well a making new friends, this process helps you to clarify exactly who you are, what you like and what you believe in.

But in all this new friend making fun, lets not forget those who were already silly/awesome/crazy enough to call you friend. They are always going to be there – just because you move away does not mean you loose that connection.

When your chosen country gets too hard or even so amazing that you just need to share your friends are there on Skype, Facebook, email, letter and even frighteningly snapchat.

Being an expat can be impossibly hard at times, but your solar system of friends are there for you weather they are a tube ride or a hemisphere away.

Author: runawaykiwi