I heart Wiltons

Cocktails at Wiltons

I’m not so into unfriendly fashionable bars. Any place that trades on intimidation and high cheek bones really isn’t my thing. However believe it or not there are cool bars that make awesome drinks in a buzzy atmosphere that are above all friendly in London. Let me tell you about Wiltons.

Wiltons is the oldest surviving music hall in London and it has been lovingly saved to serve as a concert venue, bar, and occasional Great Gatsby themed speak easy. Not to mention the convenient location, pay what you can food on week nights and staff who go the extra mile.

So obliging are the staff that when requested (#bet) they played out a slapstick routine where one barman launched a bowl of water at another face. Hey, it was a Wednesday night and we were looking for entertainment – what else are you meant to bet bar stuff to do?

Wiltons is an absolute treasure and I’m sure it is one you will enjoy.

Author: runawaykiwi

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