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Colour Design Hotel Paris

After a virtual trip and 1000 wishes I finally booked a trip to Paris! After the initial excitement of booking the Eurostar, then comes the more complicated equation, where to stay in Paris.

I have been to Paris before and I have stayed in all sorts; hostels, chain hotels, apartments, expensive hotels and dodgy hotels in the red light district. Suffice to say as a girl travelling alone (and a million years past the hostel stage of my life) all I wanted was a safe, clean hotel in a central location that was within my budget and fingers crossed was just a little big cool. Have you finished laughing yet?  But jokes on you because I actually found a hotel that ticked all the boxes – the Colour Design Hotel near Bastille.

Let me introduce you to my new friend.

The Colour Design hotel is about a ten minute walk from Bastille and on a nice day the walk to Notre Dame would take you about 50 minutes. Or there are two metro stops close by that will get you all over the city within half an hour. It’s also on a quiet side street with very little road noise and is just across the road from a supermarket and a wine bar (try and guess which I visited more often).

For Paris the rooms are a generous size (not you can’t swing a cat, but who the hell brings a cat on holiday?) and have actual functioning air conditioning (a must for anyone who remembers the July of 2010). It’s called the Colour Design Hotel because each room is themed on a different colour (I was I green as you can see from the picture above) so it even met the cool requirements!

The staff are awesomely friendly and speak pretty damn good English, and were more than happy to give directions or call a restaurant to make reservations for me.

I got a Summer Special which meant I paid €75 a night and breakfast was included. When you consider that a private hostel room can be up to €60 a night (and I once paid €160 for a supposedly ‘nice’ hotel that turned out to be a run-down pile of &@*$) it was utterly fantastic value.

Colour Design Hotel Paris

Side note on the breakfast issue. By and large I would not vote for paying for a breakfast inclusive package at a hotel. Hotel breakfasts in Paris are normally pastries, cheese, maybe ham or salami, cereal and fruit, all of which can be purchased very cheaply at the nearest supermarket or even at a cafe nearby, so paying a hiked up price for this at a hotel is mental.

Second side note – what the hell is it with hotels in France taking the key back when you leave the hotel, every time you go out for the day you give your key to reception and collect it when you return. I just don’t get it, is it for security? Do they only have one set of keys and are worried you will loose it? Someone, please enlighten me.

I was in no way sponsored by the hotel – I just freakin love that I finally found a place to stay in Paris and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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  1. Keep the Paris blog spam coming. I’ll be there in 25 days (and counting) and this hotel might just tick all my accommodation boxes too.

  2. Well, you should have got them to pay you for advertising as I’ve just booked four nights there in October!

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