Most logical meal to have in Paris? Tapas of course.

Casa San Pablo Paris

Ok, so having Spanish tapas when you have just arrived in France isn’t the most culturally authentic thing to do, but hey if they are good who really cares. Casa San Pablo is just around the corner from the dreamy éclairs of yesterday and to piss off anyone who learned French especially for the trip … the menu is in Spanish.

Using my usual point and hope approach (see my previous discussion about not being a dick) I ended up with cooked chorizo, marinated artichoke, croquettes of some description, cheese and tomato on toast and a jug of sangria. I think that’s called a win.

It was all really tasty, fresh and filled the art gallery shaped hold in my stomach. It was really reasonable too, with a any four tapas (enough to feed two *cough*) for €16.50.

Go, try and enjoy this little bastion of Spain in the middle of Paris.

Author: runawaykiwi

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