A flat white in Paris

Kooka Boora flat white

Oh fine, before I talk about art lets continue on this little food journey by talking about the struggle to find kiwi style coffee in Paris. I’m quite happy drinking espresso (the quality is normally awesome so it’s no hardship) but at about day four I found myself dreaming of flat whites. Rather unfortunately I had to turn to the Aussies for help.

Kooka Boora cafe is far more like the antipodean cafes in London, you know with that little bit hipster but actually all about the coffee vibe. Just a short walk from Sacré Cœur/Montmartre it is a great tourist escape.

They do some outstanding cake/loaf things – I sampled the berry and nut version (sorry no further description on the loaf, the explanation was all in French) but it was fresh and yum.

The coffee was everything I have come to expect from a flat white, flavourful and strong and just what I needed.

Even if it is owned by Australians I would check it out if you are in the area.

Author: runawaykiwi