Answering the most important travelling to Paris question…


Where can you find a centrally located Sci-Fi themed bar in Paris?

So pretty much the last thing I was expecting from my trip to Paris was to find a somewhere like Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde (aka, the last bar before the end of the world). The first hint that there is something a bit special is the statue of R2D2 outside, then when you walk in and see the walls lined with board games (think Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars chess rather than the normal Monopoly and Cludo) the penny starts to drop.

But it is when you see the cocktail menu that all geeks, dorks, nerds and those with hyper imaginations will fall madly in love. All the cocktails are Sci-Fi themed.

I personally went for the Death Star thinking that drinking in a moon sized super-weapon designed by an evil overlord could only be a good start to the night. But others at my table sampled the frighteningly blue TARDIS, the Mystic Forest and of course the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Without doubt the best thing about Dernier Bar is how it adds another dimension to your drink choosing decision. Yes you wanted to end up with a drink that you would like, but above all you wanted to stay true to your Sci-Fi allegiances. I have had many sleepless nights since as I lay awake and questioned my decision to go Star Wars over Doctor Who. No I didn’t feel like a blue drink at the time, but how could I turn my back on the Doctor?

Who have I become?

Author: runawaykiwi