The original NYC High Line, the Paris Promenade Plantée

Promenade plantée

I felt like taking a break from all the art galleries of Paris*, so I thought I would find the Promenade Plantée. Last time I went to Paris I tried my best to find it but a combination of my lack of any sort of natural sense of direction and my ability to be distracted by coffee and carbs meant that I never made it. However with an hour to spare and the help of GoogleMaps I made it!

Much like the  New York High Line the Promenade Plantée was created from an abandoned railway line that ran on a raised platform through the city. They have taken out the tacks and replaced it with green green green. There are joggers powering through, families trying to distract the kids and hungover hooligans trying to escape the drone of the city beat. And me.

The Promenade Plantée is a lot smaller and predictably more French than the High Line, but with the amazing Paris skyline just a few meters away it was the perfect quiet escape.

*Actually I needed to walk off the 4th croissant of the morning

Author: runawaykiwi