runawaykiwi goes cruising for chicks in Paris

Marché aux Oiseaux

Paris has some amazing markets; food, flea and flowers stretching as far as the eye can see. But there was one market that had always captured my imagination, Marché aux Oiseaux, the bird market. It takes place every Sunday just round the corner from Notre Dame and if you are worried about getting lost, you hear this market well before you see it.

On a cold rainy Sunday morning (I know, summer…sigh) I followed the original tweets to the street of birds. I guess it was what I expected, lots of small birds in tiny cages all crying out for attention. They were colourful little jewels on a grey day that were lovely to see (especially for a pet free expat). But that being said Marché aux Oiseaux didn’t really live up to my imagination.

In my head I was expecting the riot of colour like a flower market, a visual feast.  However because cruelty to animals is so 100 years ago, there weren’t the amount of birds to consider it remarkable.

My verdict is that if you are in the area on a Sunday it is well worth checking out, but its not worth making a special trip for.

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