Napoleons Tomb

Napoleons Tomb

A few years ago I went to Paris with some university friends and the very first thing we saw was Napoleons tomb. I didn’t know what it was at the time because I had fallen asleep on the bus and missed the intro, so for years I have wondered what the hell that big building was behind our silly jumping photo. Turns out it was the tomb of the emperor.

As a member of the GFC generation, the concept of this building is a historical novelty. A huge elaborate marble cathedral in the centre of the city just to hold the bones of one guy? Unbelievable. I mean, this building is nicer than all of the big churches in New Zealand combined!

The funny thing is that for all the gold, marble and frescos the tomb itself is actually quite plain and brown coloured. I’m not sure if it was meant to create contrast with the surrounding building, or if the designer just really didn’t like Napoleon, but the big brown box in the middle of the room sure does catch your eye.

This is a very cool building, and a nice historical addition to your Paris trip – and the best bit is that entry is free with the Paris Museum Pass!

Author: runawaykiwi